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National Sales Solutions offers clients instant expertise in consumer packaged goods (CPG) sales management, consumer marketing and supply chain management. Each sales region is managed by a NSS Region Manager.  NSS manages relationships with retailers across the United States and all retailers within Food, Drug, Mass, Wholesale Clubs, Dollar Stores, Beauty, Specialty and major online retailers like Amazon. 


In each local market, we work with talented brokers to create a plan that works for retailers and clients. We utilize a network of 40+ independent brokers.  These men and women are dedicated to NSS clients and committed to excellence. 


At National Sales Solutions we pride ourselves on transparency and integrity in our business dealings. 


The NSS track record of success and our reputation for achievement will ensure maximum distribution and sales in the shortest time possible.

our Legacy of success 

We are proud of the brands we have helped grow from start-up to over $10 million in annual sales.  We also have assisted Billion-dollar companies enter the United States market from abroad and increase their global market share.




Our goal is to provide the highest levels service, expertise and success for your brand. At NSS, we pride ourselves on the long standing relationships we've formed since opening our doors as well as the tremendous growth that our clients have seen since partnering with us. 

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our story

National Sales Solutions (NSS) was founded in 1998 by Ron Otto and Jim Lewis.  From its inception, NSS provided small-to-medium size manufacturers access to the same professional sales and marketing expertise as billion-dollar companies.  NSS pursued brands having a unique point-of-difference and companies who understood the importance of consumer marketing.  The initial focus was on health and beauty care brands and over the years, NSS has expanded to include natural food products, snacks, and general merchandise.  


Rich Siporin, having previously held senior management positions at eGames, Sunbeam, Revlon, Playtex and Duracell assumed the role of President and Managing Partner in early 2018, leading NSS into the future, while building on its historic growth.


National Sales Solutions focuses on the 90+ retailers and wholesalers in the United States, including national retailers in the Food, Drug and Mass channels such as Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Kroger, Albertsons/Safeway, Target and Walmart, as well as regional drug, grocery, and mass chains

from coast-to-coast, and online retailers such as Amazon, and National Sales Solutions consists of five Regional Sales Vice Presidents who managed a network of 40+ independent sales brokers, strategically located near our retail partners.


NSS also provides consumer marketing support offering a complete pallet of services designed for building our client's business.  Over the years, National Sales Solutions has grown companies from start-up to over $25 million in annual sales.  They have also assisted billion-dollar companies to enter the U.S. market and increase their market share.


Whether your brand is in the start-up phase, or already established at retail, National Sales Solutions will increase your sales revenue and market share while reducing your sales expense.   We look forward to hearing more about your brand and company.  




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