what our clients are saying

Mid Valley Pharmaceuticals

You guys have done a fantastic job.  You have placed me so much closer to making Dr. Manzanilla the successful business I envisioned 20 years ago!  Partnering with National Sales Solutions is the best thing that could have happened to me.


Dr. Roberto Rey

President & Owner



HEAROS Earplugs


I am pleased to share my highest degrees of admiration, gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful team of NSS.  I’ve worked with hundreds of retail reps over the past 25 years and have enjoyed NSS’s straight forward approach of applying passion, preparation, hard work and always a friendly disposition.  Additionally, through their unique network, our company is now aligned with top tier representatives that we would have otherwise never had the opportunity to work with.  If you’re lucky enough to have the chance to partner with NSS, I only have two words for you: DO IT!


Doug Pick




Perfecta Products, Inc.


For 20 years, National Sales Solutions (NSS) has managed our nationwide sales.  The knowledge and established retail relationships that they offer has been an integral part of the success of Perfecta Products, Inc. The hard work and dedication provided to their clients is unmatched.  We truly value both the close relationship we have with NSS and the respect and access they share with buyers in the major U.S. retail chains.


S. Gorley




Doctor Easy Medical Products, LLC


We’ve been very impressed with National Sales Solution’s professionalism and knowledge of the market. Their well-established industry connections have opened doors and put our products in front of key decision-makers; and their experience has been invaluable in guiding us through the complicated maze of making a retail launch. We are very happy to have partnered with NSS and look forward to a long association.


Marsha Garcia




NasoNeb, Inc.

National Sales Solutions has been a great partner.  Their broker network is fantastic.  They have been instrumental in engaging major retailers and distributors and enabling us to gain distribution much quicker than I believe we could have done ourselves.  They have provided guidance along the way and helped us better understand the retail drug space.  We have enjoyed working with the whole team.


Calvin Wilson




Golden Products LLC


After developing Vitaminpaste, the first multivitamin and mineral toothpaste, and getting it approved at local retailers, I wanted to take it nationally. I interviewed brokers and came to the realization that NSS was the “Right Fit”. Their expertise, knowledge and local broker network, is the best in the business!


Dr. Bruce Golden

Founder and President



Bruder Health Care


As a small company, being able to get placement in the large chains and some of the smaller chains really makes a big difference in our bottom line!


Sharon Burhart

Director of Marketing



BIOTA Botanical Laboratories


NSS has been with BIOTA Botanicals from the very beginning.  Their team of experienced, effective, solid sales management, plus an extensive broker network, contacts and credibility with the retail buyers, has allowed us to grow into a truly national brand in a very short amount of time.  Our partnership with NSS has been an instrumental part of BIOTA’s success in the U.S.


John Van Houten

President and General Manager



Wally's Naturals, Inc.  


After 25 years of success with natural retailers, Wally’s Natural made the decision to enter the mass channel, bringing Wally’s Ear Candles and organic skin care to the general consumer.  We searched for an experienced CPG sales management team who could help Wally’s achieve our objectives.  National Sales Solutions was selected, and their Team has been an effective brand building partner.  NSS efficiently guided Wally’s to secure distribution with major retailers, and we look forward to further expansion.  Guidance from the NSS Team has been critical to the brand’s success in the mass channel.  In six months, NSS generated more exposure and potential to national chain stores than we did in 15 years.


R. Malmberg



We needed a Team that could provide market insights, analytical support and a depth of experience within the mass class of trade.Guidance from the NSS Team has been critical to the brand’s success in the mass channel.  Within the three years that I have teamed with NSS … Wally’s Natural has more than tripled the business. By any definition, this is success.


R. Goldschmidt

Senior Director



Emmy's Organics


I have worked with the national broker management team at NSS on several projects with great success and professionalism. 

If you are a strong CPG brand or supplement looking for placement in Drug Store Channel, Regional Grocery, Mass Grocery, Walmart/ Target or Club. I have had proven success in all of the above with NSS. 


Gian Khalsa

Vice President Sales; Consultant