National Sales Solutions, LLC

Client Success Stories

Helping companies make retail’s most challenging transition

B’IOTA Laboratories
BIOTA Laboratories is a major manufacturer of hair and skin care products headquartered in Turkey.  BIOTA engaged NSS to help them expand into the U.S.  We helped with branding, packaging, marketing and presentation materials for the launch.  Within nine months, BIOTA was on store shelves nationwide.  BIOTA is currently sold in over 23,000 stores and NSS continues to expand retail distribution and sales.

Bruder Healthcare
Thermalon is the best selling brand in the moist heat category due to the combined efforts of the Bruder Healthcare marketing department and the NSS sales team.   NSS has been able to gain distribution on the Thermalon brand in over 24,000 stores, including Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart.

Merix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 
Merix Pharmaceuticals manufactures cold sore care products under the RELEEV® brand name. When we began working with Merix, their sales were exclusively online. Over the next several years, we gained placement in over 28,000 stores, with annual sales exceeding $8 million.

Perfecta Products
Perfecta Products, Inc. manufacturers an assortment of OTC and skin care products under the Zim’s and Max-Freeze brand names.  With NSS, Perfecta has increased distribution from one chain to over 33,000 stores.