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About National Sales Solutions

NSS Headquarters

National Sales Solutions offers clients instant expertise  in  consumer  packaged  goods  (CPG)  sales  management, marketing  and  supply  chain  management.   Each  sales  region  is  managed  by  an  NSS  partner.  NSS manages  relationships  with  retailers across  the  United  States and all retailers  within Food, Drug, Mass, Wholesale Clubs, Dollar Stores,  Beauty,  Specialty and major online retailers. 

In each local market, we work with talented brokers to create a plan that works for retailers and clients.  We utilize a network of 40+ independent brokers.  These men and women are dedicated to NSS clients and committed to excellence.

At National Sales Solutions we pride ourselves on transparency and integrity in our business dealings.

The NSS track record of success and our reputation for achievement will ensure maximum distribution and sales in the shortest time possible.